Many shops admit they have never done research into whether or not their customers like the music that they play. Presumably they just assume that, because it is so widespread, everyone must like it. Other businesses believe the research produced by the music industry, who clearly have a vested interest. They even spend vast amounts of money on music agencies who will choose "playlists" according to the "brand" they are perceived to be. They have no idea how much business they might be losing.

Not only do people tend not to complain when the music drives them out, but a lot of people don't even enter a shop with loud music. According to Julian Treasure from the Sound Agency, "One survey I know of found three in five people turning around at the door of a shop with loud music and not entering at all".

These pages list all the music-free shops that we are aware of in Edinburgh and the Lothians and in Greater Glasgow. We hope to enlarge these lists to cover the whole of Scotland. Please contact us if you know of other quiet shops we can add.

Last updated July 2020

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