24-25 May 2019 Several intu shopping centres across the UK replace music with birdsong to reconnect shoppers with nature, as research shows that natural sounds are good for our mental health

20-25 May 2019 Noise Action Week 2019

24 April 2019 International Noise Awareness Day

18 April 2019 Royal Opera House loses its appeal over the life-changing hearing damage caused to a viola player at a rehearsal of Wagner's Die Walkure

18 March 2019 World Health Organization wants to limit noise in venues, such as concerts, bars, restaurants, and even fitness classes, to stop deafness

3 March 2019 World Hearing Day

28 February 2019: Hearing access to be debated in Scottish Parliament at 12.45pm

12 February 2019: Recent press coverage

Quiet Scotland has recenty been enjoying some good coverage in the Scottish media:

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