This is another comment from Wales, and I wonder if it is applicable to Scotland. A B&M store opened recently near Brecon. I visited it out of curiosity but left almost immediately because of the muzak, both the volume and choice of music. I wrote to the CEO and had a reply within hours apologising for the 'inconvenience' and promising to take action. I hadn't returned until yesterday when I was pleasantly surprised by the quiet. In many parts of the store, I could hear no muzak at all, and in others the sound was low enough to be barely noticeable. I feel very grateful for that kind of response.
An excellent outcome, Larry. Just shows what can happen if we actually take the trouble to complain to the CEO. After reading your post, I popped into my local Edinburgh B&M. I must confess I usually avoid shopping there because of the loud music but this morning it was scarcely audible. In fact, the volume was so low that it makes you wonder why they were bothering to play it at all.

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