Loud noise in cinemas
Recently I went to a screening of "Downton Abbey” at my local Vue cinema. The volume of the adverts and trailers was horrendous.  I checked it on my decibel meter and several times it was over 100 dB. This level is actually dangerous (staff have to be issued with hearing protection if they are working in volumes of more than 85 dB).

My daughter (in her 30s) complained that it was too loud for her. She had told a younger work colleague that she was going to the cinema and the colleague had told her she can no longer go because cinema noise is now so loud it triggers her migraines. I know many older people who have given up going to the cinema altogether because it is so noisy. A friend likes to take her small grandchildren to see children’s films. She says they often cry because they find it so loud. She assures them they will get used to the noise but, if children’s trailers/films are played at the same volume we had to endure at the "Downton Abbey" screening, they are even more at risk of hearing damage than adults.

Does anyone else have problems with the loud noise in cinemas?
Absolutely..! The Vue cinema here in Aberdeen is absolutely AWFUL, I have to take earplugs, and even then it's loud..!
If you complain they send exactly the same standard reply. I take comfort from the fact that, if they have a standard reply, they must receive a lot of complaints.
By coincidence there is a great article in today's Observer https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/oc...hugh-grant where Hugh Grant is complaining about noise levels being too high in his local Vue Cinema. Lots of others have come out in agreement

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