No kudos to Aldi
I am an outsider from Wales but keen on the work being done by Dorothy and Quiet Scotland. I am writing because of the problem I have shopping in Aldi. I realise that this organisation is opposed to piped music and cannot fight on several fronts at once. I acknowledge that Aldi do not play music and must be given credit for that. At the same time, they make visits to their stores quite unpleasant by one of their commercial practices. There are constant announcements that penetrate to all corners of the store about the opening and closure of tills. They go something like this, in both English and Welsh: 'Dear Customer, we are now closing till number 1. Will customers please make their way to the nearest open till.' This is followed by a second announcement to 'Dear Customers': we are now opening till number 2'. The fact that these directions are almost constant, as different staff open and close tills, and in two languages, is absolutely unbearable to me, and I prefer to go to Morrisons, even with their dreadful music.

Lidl make similar announcements, but only loud enough to be heard in the area of the tills. I have written several times to Aldi who reply only that in order to keep prices low they must follow certain practices. They have never explained how these loud and almost constant explosions of noise fill that need.
That's an interesting comment, Larry. I don't remember hearing this at my local Aldi, but to be fair I don't shop there very often. I certainly don't see how "following certain practices" helps them to keep prices low. At the very least, they should restrict the announcements to the area around the tills.

Welcome to the forum, by the way.

At least they haven't got as far as making the announcements in two languages up here..!

We don't have an Aldi close to here, but there is a Lidl, which I believe to be of the same general origin. They don't have music either, but they do have announcements. I didn't register them as unduly loud, though.

To be honest, since our falling out with Morrisons, we tend to do a main shop online with Tesco once a month, then top-up shops from Farmfoods (who don't play music) or Marks & Spencer (who don't either).

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