Quiet Saturdays at the Engine Shed
Following the initiative of supermarkets such as Asda with their "quiet hours", Historic Scotland is initiating "relaxed visiting hours" at the Engine Shed in Stirling. Here is what their press release says:

Quote:Our relaxed visiting hours are a time for young people with autism to explore and enjoy our conservation centre.

During these times adjustments will be made to lighting and sound, and a quiet space with sensory toys will be available.

Relaxed Visiting Hours take place on the second Saturday of the month (excluding September).

The Engine Shed is a Historic Scotland property dedicated to building conservation.

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That's good news, but what always perplexes me is why supermarkets etc. have "quiet hours" rather than no "music" at all. Morrisons here in Aberdeen has one from 9 to 10am on a Saturday morning. Now I don't know about you, but the last thing I will be doing at 9am on a Saturday is shopping..!!

Ria  xx
Ria in Aberdeen  xx
Very much agree with you, Ria. Several supermarkets now offer "quiet hours". At least they are recognising that many of their customers have a problem with background noise/music but in a way they are discriminating against these customers by offering them, in many cases, just one hour a week (usually very early in the morning) when they can shop in comfort.
We thought we'd try Asda the other day, it's a bit further away but within reasonable walking distance. There was 'music' on, and as we were leaving we thought we'd drop one of your cards off with the Customer Services desk. The girl there pointed out a group of staff standing a short distance away and said that one of them was the duty manager and we could speak to him directly.

We did this, and he just didn't seem to understand what our problem was. I gave him the card, and he looked at it as though it was written in Chinese. Not holding out much hope there :-(
Ria in Aberdeen  xx
I think Asda was the first supermarket to introduce a "quiet hour". Seem to remember it was in a Manchester branch back in 2016. Sounds as if word hasn't reached the Aberdeen branch yet...

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