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Do you hate having to listen to someone else's choice of music when you go to the Dentist? We have been contacted by a second music-free dentist asking to be added to our list on our Quiet Scotland website. Anybody know of any others in the Edinburgh or Glasgow postal areas we can add?

... or in the Aberdeen area?
Hi Ina

At the moment we list only muzac-free businesses in the Edinburgh and Glasgow postcode areas on our Quiet Scotland website. However, we are hoping to compile lists for other areas, too, so, if you know suitable businesses in the Aberdeen area, please let me know.


Just to add to what Dorothy wrote, if you could provide details of any type of business in the Aberdeen area - cafes, bars, shops, supermarkets - that don't play music, that would be very helpful. If so, feel free to post the details here in the forum - preferably by starting a new thread here in the "Quiet eating, drinking, shopping" section.

And, by the way, welcome to the forum. If you care to tell us a little about yourself, you can do so in the "Introduce yourself" section. But only if you want to. It's not obligatory.

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Another muzac-free Edinburgh dentist has asked to be added to our list. This is Hope Park Dental Practice in Edinburgh 
https://www.hopeparkdental.co.uk/  Any further suggestions? What about Glasgow?

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