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It looks like I have the honour of starting the very first thread in this new forum.

Some of you will already know me, as I am a fairly active member of our Edinburgh group. I have been able to help the group in various small ways, including setting up this forum and helping maintain our main website. As one of several forum moderators, it will be my job to deal with any technical issues you have when using the forum and to generally help things run smoothly.

I live on the south side of Edinburgh, quite close to two of my favourite locations: the Meadows and Blackford Hill. My interests include cooking, cycling, hill walking and studying Scottish and Edinburgh history.

I hope this thread will be the first of many. Do please introduce yourself here as soon as you join the forum. Then use the other sections to post comments, ask questions and start discussions.

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A very big thank you for all your hard work in setting up this forum, Mike!

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