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Why can’t they switch it off? - Sarah Long - 19 Nov 2019

I don’t  know how many times I have said that to myself over the last few years. However background music is becoming even more of a problem as I grow older because my hearing is gradually changing and I now find it very difficult to have a conversation in a noisy restaurant with anyone apart from the person sitting right next to me. I know it’s not just the music that creates the noise but this source is the easiest to address. Just switch it off and then people won’t have to shout over it.

RE: Why can’t they switch it off? - MissRiaElaine - 30 Nov 2019

I know exactly where you're coming from. Background noise is rapidly becoming foreground noise and is one of the reasons I've taken to doing most of my main shopping online. The only place we go on a regular basis now is Farmfoods, who do not play any music.

Some supermarkets do have "quiet hours" but usually at silly o'clock in the morning when I'm not even out of bed, never mind thinking about grocery shopping..!