Forum rules and policies
To get the best out of the forum, please keep these few simple rules in mind.

  • Keep it polite. We will not tolerate any kind of offensive behaviour, bad language or personal attacks on members. (This does not mean that you can't disagree with other members' opinions. Feel free to express whatever opinion you like, provided you do so in a polite and tolerant way.)

  • No commercial advertising. While you are free to mention products or services that you think might be of specific relevance to Quiet Scotland, we do not allow posts whose only purpose is to promote products or services (this includes links to commercial websites).

  • Don't infringe copyright. Posting a short extract from a news report, magazine article or similar material is acceptable. Copying and pasting large amounts of content is not. This includes text, scanned images, photographs, videos, podcasts or any other material that might be someone else's copyright. As well as being against forum rules, such infringements may leave you open to legal action in some cases. If you want to draw attention to third-party content, post a link to it.

  • Respect members' confidentiality. Do not post members' contact details or other personal information except where this information is already publicly available within the forum. And never post email addresses, as this encourages spam.
Moderators may amend or delete any posts that infringe these rules. Persistent or serious offenders will be banned from the forum.