Starting a new thread
To start a new thread, first go to the section of the forum where you want the thread to appear. Then click either of the "Start New Thread" buttons (there are two of these buttons, one just above the list of threads and one just below it; both buttons do the same thing).

Next, enter a title for your thread in the "Thread Subject" box. It is important to make the title as descriptive as possible. Other members will look at the titles to help them decide whether your thread is of interest to them. Titles like "A quick question" or "Latest news" are useless, as they give no indication of what the thread is about.

Type your message in the large box below the thread subject. Feel free to use the buttons on the formatting toolbar (immediately above the large box) to apply formatting (bold, italic, fonts, colours, etc.) to your message.

When you are ready to post the message, click the "Post Thread" button near the bottom of the screen.

You also have some other options:
  • Preview Post. This allows you to see your post exactly as other members will see it. The preview appears above the main editing box. You can continue to edit the post if you wish. Don't forget to click the "Post Thread" button when you are ready to submit it.

  • Save as Draft. If you are not ready to submit your post but you don't want to lose what you have typed so far, click the "Save as Draft" button. To subsequently retrieve the draft, click on "Settings" on the menu bar near the top of the screen, then click "Saved Drafts" in the vertical bar on the left of the screen. You will now see a list of all your saved drafts. Locate the one that you are interested in, and click "Edit Draft".

  • Editing and deleting your messages. You may subsequently edit or delete your own messages - but only within twelve hours of posting them. To do so, go to the thread containing the message, and click the small "Edit" or "Delete" button at the bottom of the post.