The forum's sections
Before you start a new thread, take a moment to check that you are posting in the appropriate section of the forum. The sections are as follows:
  • Introduce yourself. This is the place for new members to say Hello and to tell us a bit about themselves. We also encourage existing members to stop by here from time to time to welcome newcomers and to make them feel at home.

  • News, comments and opinions. This is the main section for discussing matters relating to Quiet Scotland's aims and objectives. Feel free to post a comment or start a discussion on any aspect of intrusive background music in public places. You can also post news and information on this subject.

  • Quiet eating, drinking, shopping. This section supports our website listings of places to shop, eat and drink in Scotland that are free of intrusive background music. We welcome suggestions for establishments to be added to the lists – and any that you feel should be removed.

  • Forum issues. If you have any problems or issues in using the forum, post a question here.

  • General chat. This is a free-for-all section. You can post a comment, ask a question or start a discussion on any topic you like, not necessarily connected with Quiet Scotland's aims and objectives. But please keep it polite, friendly and in line with the forum's rules and policies.