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Full Version: Another interesting article in the Guardian
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Published today:

‘Great food, but please do something about the noise’ – the battle for quieter restaurants

The title says what it's about. It's also interesting that the writer (Ellie Violet Bramley) mentions a couple of apps (such as Soundprint) that can get a decibel reading from inside a noisy restaurant, which then feeds into recommendations for other users looking for a quiet place to eat. Has anybody here used that sort of app?

Hi Mike

I tried an app called i HEAR u a couple of years ago but it wasn't very reliable. They might have improved it since then. I shall certainly give Soundprint a go.
Did you notice the Guardian article had more than 600 comments? Clearly seems to be a topic people feel very strongly about!

Yes, and virtually all of those 600 comments were in agreement with the article. I just wish people in the catering / hospitality industries would read them.

Regarding the apps like " i HEAR u" and Soundprint, I would seriously doubt their accuracy. They depend on the microphone in a mobile phone to record the decibel level. Mobile phones were never designed to meter sound levels; their microphones are optimised for speech, not loud noise. But I suppose the apps are still useful, if only to give people a bit of extra information when choosing a restaurant.