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Full Version: Read this before your first post
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Read this before your first post - Admin

Welcome. Before you post your first message, please read this.

This section is called  News, comments and opinions.  This is the place for asking questions or offering comments about any aspect of Quiet Scotland's campaign for freedom from unwanted background music in public places in Scotland.

Feel free to submit any post that is relevant to this part of the forum, whether you agree with our aims or not.

If your post is not relevant to this part of the forum, return to the main page and choose the best section for your post.

Here are a few guidelines to help you (and others) to get the most from the forum:
  • Posting in existing threads. If you want to contribute to an existing thread – for example by commenting on the points raised or answering someone's question – do so by replying to the thread. Don't start a new thread to reply to an existing one.

  • Starting a new thread. But do start a new thread if you wish to start an entirely new discussion or ask an entirely new question. Don't tag your post onto someone else's thread.

  • Choose a meaningful title. When starting a new thread, choose a title that gives a good idea of what the thread is about. Members shouldn't have to click through in order to know if the thread is likely to be of interest to them. Titles like "Great news" or "I have a question" are not useful titles.

  • Keep it friendly. We do not tolerate offensive posts, bad language or personal attacks on members. This does not mean that you can't disagree with other members' opinions. On the contrary, we encourage everyone to express their point of view,  provided they do so in a polite and tolerant way.
If you have any questions about how to use the forum, have a look at our Help pages. Or try asking in the Forum issues section, which exists specifically to help members with technical forum issues.